Sweden Repeals Sterilisation Rule

Sweden has repealed its Sterilisation for Gender Reassignment Law. The law, introduced in 1972, made it necessary for people undergoing gender reassignment to  undergo sterilisation before being recognised in their affirmed gender. After much lobbying from human rights activists, the law was repealed on January 10th. To read more go here

Intercom Trust launches Schools Transgender Guidance

At last a comprehensive guide to transgender in Schools has been made available to all, thanks to the Intercom Trust in the south west. Working in partnership, Intercom’s Cornwall Advocate, Steve Cannon, the Devon and Cornwall Police Diversity Officer Toby Best, Glenda Pomeroy and her colleagues at Cornwall Council (Children Young People and Family Service), and representative Head Teachers […]

Transphobic Attack on Delegates at Dublin Conference

On Saturday September 8th three delegates of the fourth European Transgender Council where verbally harassed and physically attacked in the streets of Dublin when they were on their way to the conference party. One of the victims was Lauri Sivonen, Advisor to the Commissioner of Human Rights of the Council of Europe. The attack shows […]

Moonie's Leader Dies

The self-titled  Reverend Sun Myung Moon died on September 3rd 2012 aged 92. The founder of the Unification Church, who carried out mass weddings of opposite sex-partners who were complete strangers to one another until they were introduced as suitors, believed homosexuality to be an evil that went against God’s plan. Although the Church was founded in 1954, […]

National Trans Mental Health and Well-Being Survey

A survey has been launched to research and assess the needs of trans people across the nation. This survey is produced by a partnership between Scottish Transgender Alliance, Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre, TransBareAll and Sheffield Hallam University. It is based on the priniple that there has been very little research about trans people, or people with trans histories, and […]

Identical Twins? Not Exactly

A pair of identical twins are to make history now that one of them is undergoing gender reassignment. This will challenge the psychologists and sociologists, since  it suggests that sharing the same DNA doesn’t mean  sharing the same identity, but the same or similar environment elicits two quite different results. It also challenges simplistic explanations of consumer […]