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LGBT+ History Month Poet Laureate

Photograph of Adam Lowe
Book cover of "Patterflash" by Adam Lowe. The cover utilises a photo of Adam lit in pink, with the bold vertical title, and author name, contrasting in yellow.

Adam Lowe (he/him, mostly) is a writer, performer, publisher and lecturer from Leeds, currently living in Manchester. His work explores the intersections of Blackness, queerness and disability. He founded and is co-director of Young Enigma, a professional development programme for young and emerging writers, and supports artists of colour in Greater Manchester through the Slate initiative, founded by Eclipse Theatre and housed by HOMEmcr. He also sometimes performs as his alter ego, Beyonce Holes.

Find out more about his new book Patterflash as reviewed at Big Issue. You can buy Patterflash at Peepal Tree Press.