Research Reveals Extent of Homo/bi/transphobia in South Africa

A Survey conducted in South Africa reveals that – although attitudes are improving – there is still prejudice and discrimination against LGBT people in South Africa. Only 51% of those surveyed thought that LGBT people should have the same human rights as heterosexual/cisgender people and 23% were still strongly opposed to same-sex marriage. The most […]

Stonewall Housing Survey on Domestic Abuse

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT*) people experience domestic abuse from partners, ex-partners, intimate contacts or extended family members.  In light of the Equality Act, public services have a duty to help meet the needs of all survivors of domestic abuse including LGBT* people. We want to find out if the law has been […]

University Launches Survey on LGBT Relationship Support

Researchers at Sunderland and Leicester Universities are conducting research on LGBT relationships and they invite you to take part in their online survey about same-sex, bi and/or trans relationships. Their research aims to understand what you do when things go wrong in your same-sex, bi and/or trans relationships.  Recent Equality legislation requires that services respond appropriately […]

1 in 4 LGBT Young People Assaulted

According to research carried out by the Metro in Greenwich one in four young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people have been assaulted and a half have been threatened with physical assault. The results also reveal that self-harm rates are much higher among LGBT youth than among heterosexual and cisgender youth. The survey is ongoing and is […]

90% of Job-seekers would deny being LGBT

A staggering 89% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people would hide their sexual orientation should the matter, hypothetically, be brought up during a job interview, and another overwhelming 84% have asserted they would struggle being ‘out’ at work- at least in their early career. This may be because 76% of all respondents in a […]

Survey Shows Massive Support for Same Sex Marriage

A survey of the general population held in July this year reveals that 84% of people want same sex marriage and that 92% think religious institutions should carry them out if that’s what their denomination wishes. Only 22% of respondents, however, perceived marriage as a religious institution. Details of the Equal Marriage Survey, carried out […]

National Trans Mental Health and Well-Being Survey

A survey has been launched to research and assess the needs of trans people across the nation. This survey is produced by a partnership between Scottish Transgender Alliance, Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre, TransBareAll and Sheffield Hallam University. It is based on the priniple that there has been very little research about trans people, or people with trans histories, and […]

Health Service failing Gay and Bisexual men according to Stonewall

The world’s largest ever health survey of gay and bisexual men has found they get left behind by the health service in the UK. The survey shows that more gay and bisexual men attempt suicide, worry about their bodies and suffer eating related illnessses than their straight counterparts. More worrying perhaps, si that almost half […]