BBC Could Be Bolder

The BBC is improving but could be bolder and more creative in its representation of lesbian, gay and bisexual people according to a review.
The review finds that:

  • LGB people still feel under-represented in TV drama
  • BBC radio has more coverage of LGB people/issues than TV
  • The BBC is felt to have an obligation to provide more coverage of LGB people than commercial TV
  • News and current affairs are reactionary and provocative in covering LGB people/issues
  • Children’s TV ignores LGB people/issues

Torchwood is praised, together with Dr Who for its incidental inclusion of LGB people. The waelth of LGB presenters such as Su Perkins and Clare Balding also received a positive response.
The review updates a report based on research it carried out in 2010 and is based on the responses of 2,700 people. To read more go here