Stonewall Housing Survey on Domestic Abuse

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT*) people experience domestic abuse from partners, ex-partners, intimate contacts or extended family members.  In light of the Equality Act, public services have a duty to help meet the needs of all survivors of domestic abuse including LGBT* people.

We want to find out if the law has been put into practice?  Do some LGBT people continue to face additional hurdles when seeking help? What are those barriers? What are the consequences of delay? We are diverse and different in many ways, but the one thing we all deserve is equality, dignity and respect when we are most vulnerable.

We want to learn from LGBT survivors about that experience, when asking for help, support, advice or accommodation. If you are a survivor of domestic abuse we want to hear your voice.

If you do one thing today… Roar: because silence is deadly.

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