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November 2013

Sean Bean wins International Emmy for Trans role

British actor Sean Bean has won an International Emmy for his work in BBC One drama series Accused. The 54-year-old won for his portrayal of a teacher with a Trans alter ego in the Tracie’s Story episode of the Jimmy McGovern serial.

God's Other Children – A London Memoir by Vernal Scott

God’s Other Children – A London Memoir by Vernal Scott. A new non-fiction book which details the impact of HIV and AIDS from a black/gay perspective, and much much more besides. The forewords are written by Sir Nick Partridge, Peter Tatchell, and Lord Paul Boateng. It’s available from Foyles, Amazon and Gay’s The Word.

The Respect 'Loved by You' Awards 2013

The Co-Operative Group Respect ‘Loved by You’ Awards 2013 – get voting. The awards are very much back to basics. They are an opportunity for people from all over the UK (anyone in the world can vote too) to vote for their favourites in 27 diverse categories.

Ray Gosling 1939-2013

Ray Gosling 1939-2013: Raised in Northampton, where he attended grammar school, Gosling was “a C-stream child”. His father was a mechanic. After dropping out of Leicester University to run a rock’n’roll band, he went to London to take up a factory job. Gosling was a teddy boy: “I felt in my heart it was more than a fashion, it was a belief: teds to change the world.”

NO 2 LGBT HATE CRIME: Reclaim Vauxhall

NO 2 LGBT HATE CRIME: Reclaim Vauxhall – from David ‘dbh’ Braniff-Herbert on Facebook. After a homophobic attack, help me reclaim our LGBT-friendly space back in Vauxhall by walking with me, friends and family holding hands. Last Sunday, my partner and I had homophobic abuse and a threat of violence used against us whilst walking along the river Thames with an arm around each other in Vauxhall. We were then followed to a pub where two of the boys came in, one holding some sort of weapon.

UK Disability History Month: 22nd November – 22nd December 2013

UK Disability History Month: 22nd November – 22nd December 2013. UK Disability History Month was set up to celebrate our lives and to explore the history of negative attitudes and their consequences. Despite the Olympics creating positive shifts in the media and public attitudes to disabled people, levels of hate crime continue to increase and disabled people are bearing the brunt of Government austerity measures. The long history of civil and human rights’ struggles by the Disabled People’s Movement has led to the majority of disabled people living independently in the community. Over the last 70 years, all long stay hospital and institutions, where disabled people were inhumanely ‘warehoused’, have rightly been closed. This is now in danger of being reversed. The UK’s international human rights obligations are increasingly not being met.

JFK: 1917 – 1963

“We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us through that darkness to a safe and sane future.”