The Respect 'Loved by You' Awards 2013

Respect has been very fortunate to have been shortlisted for (and in some cases win) lots of awards since we were launched in the Summer of 2010. We are proud to be the largest, most active and most awarded LGBT network in the UK!
The Co-operative is also the UK’s most lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) friendly retailer. We have been the only retailer in Stonewalls annual Workplace Equality Index Top 100 since 2010 – ranking 3rd in 2013, the first retailer to make it into the Top 10.
It is always such a buzz when you hear you have been shortlisted for an award. They offer you an opportunity to reflect on the hard work of so many people that make this all happen – our members volunteer 1000’s of hours each year.
Celebrating and reflecting is something we are all guilty of not doing enough of.
So now is the time for us to give something back. We are delighted to launch the inaugural ‘Respect ‘Loved by You’ Awards’.

What are the awards?

The awards are very much back to basics. They are an opportunity for people from all over the UK (anyone in the world can vote too) to vote for their favourites in 27 diverse categories.
We have worked hard to ensure all areas of life and interests are covered in the categories, and to ensure they have a real community feel.
We believe the awards offer a rare opportunity for the smallest community groups and events to be celebrated alongside the biggest. We don’t think there are enough opportunities to celebrate the inspiring work and positive impact of more isolated and community based groups, events and initiatives.
We’d love to have an awards where the charities, events, groups and lots of other things that are ‘Loved by You’ receive the recognition they deserve. These are the peoples awards.
If you wish to vote, you can do so from this link: