Brighton Supporters' Homophobically Abused in Most Games

A survey into homophobic abuse aimed at Brighton and Hove Albion fans reveals that they are abused at most of their matches. During the 2012-2013 season, homophobic incidents were recorded in over 70% of Brighton’s away matches and nearly 60% of the side’s games. Examples ranged from mild abuse e.g. “We can see you holding […]

Ofsted: "Schools aren't safe"

Nearly half of our schoolchildren are bullied and teachers need training to deal with it, according to OFSTED’s latest national report. Following a pupil-based survey OFSTED found shocking levels of abuse aimed at pupils and worrying levels of failure to address the problem. Homophobic and transphobic abuse did not figure at the top of the ‘hierarchy’ but abuse based […]

Britain is the best place to be LGBT: ILGA

The new international study of LGBT rights across Europe is now available. Covering very nation state in the continent, the comprehensive report reports the similarities and differences socially and legally between them. The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) describes general changes in Europe and takes every country. Its summary makes clear that Europe is […]