Ofsted: "Schools aren't safe"

Nearly half of our schoolchildren are bullied and teachers need training to deal with it, according to OFSTED’s latest national report. Following a pupil-based survey OFSTED found shocking levels of abuse aimed at pupils and worrying levels of failure to address the problem.
Homophobic and transphobic abuse did not figure at the top of the ‘hierarchy’ but abuse based on physical appearance did. Perceived ‘differentness’ was highlighted as the major issue.
But the main findings were that our schools are not safe and that staff are not trained to deal with it effectively.
Schools OUT’s Sue Sanders said: “We’ve said since the year dot that our schools are not safe spaces for our children or our LGBT communities. We’ve proof in the Prevalence of Homophobia Surveys that teachers want training on diversity, and Elly Barnes’ workshops in Stoke Newington are always sold out. LGBT History Month gave schools the opportunity to talk about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people in schools and the Classroom gives teachers the  tools to teach about LGBT and all equalities in the curriculum. It’s all out there. This survey shows there is a need to adopt it and put it into everyday practice”.
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