Founder of LGBT History Festival North East Comes Out: as a Muslim

A university lecturer and Equality campaigner has announced that he has embraced Islam as a faith. Not only that; he has become chair of a new Muslim LGBTQI+ organisation called Hidayah. Drew Dalton, a Senior Lecturer at a UK university, after having spent almost twenty years within the sectors of both education (schools and colleges) and […]

Mormons Separate 'Is' from 'Does'

The Church of Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormons or LDS have recognised that homosexuality is not a sin but acting upon it is. This position, as laid out on the website Mormons and Gays, is an update on the Church’s previous total intolerance position. It also brings the Church into line with Anglican church’s approach […]

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement Conference in April

The Lesbian and gay Christian Movement (LGCM) will guest The Right Reverend Dr Martin Warner, the 103rd Bishop of Chichester to its Annual Conference in Brighton on 20th April 2013. After attending the Opening Worsh, the Bishop will welcome us to his diocese, deliver a short message and take questions from the floor. Nigel Nash, convenor for the […]

Tatchell: Cameron Right on Religious Marriage but Wrong on Straight Civil Partnership

Pater Tatchell partially defended David Cameron’s stance on same sex marriage today. “David Cameron’s support for the right of religious organisations to conduct same-sex marriages is a welcome affirmation of religious freedom and gay equality,” said Tatchell, Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation. “The Quakers, Unitarians and Liberal Jews want to conduct […]

Tatchell Calls for Pan-European Demo against Discrimination

Yesterday, September 13th, Peter Tatchell urged people to join a London march and rally against religious attacks on human rights. “All across Europe, religious leaders are orchestrating campaigns against equality for women and LGBT people,” said Peter Tatchell, Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation. “Most UK religious leaders oppose same-sex marriage. […]

Moonie's Leader Dies

The self-titled  Reverend Sun Myung Moon died on September 3rd 2012 aged 92. The founder of the Unification Church, who carried out mass weddings of opposite sex-partners who were complete strangers to one another until they were introduced as suitors, believed homosexuality to be an evil that went against God’s plan. Although the Church was founded in 1954, […]

Muslims "More Liberal" than Others

Faced with the statement “I am proud of how Britain treats gay people” 15% of respondents who identified as Muslim ‘strongly agreed’ – a higher figure than for the secular community and significantly higher than for Christians. In fact, only Sikhs agreed more ‘strongly’, at 16.7%. The poll, carried out by the progressive Conservative think tank Demos, […]