Founder of LGBT History Festival North East Comes Out: as a Muslim

A university lecturer and Equality campaigner has announced that he has embraced Islam as a faith. Not only that; he has become chair of a new Muslim LGBTQI+ organisation called Hidayah.
Drew Dalton, a Senior Lecturer at a UK university, after having spent almost twenty years within the sectors of both education (schools and colleges) and charity management at both operational and senior level, founded Thrive NE and LGBT History Project NE which still continue today. He says his career so far has focused on working with support needs for marginalised groups, global LGBTQI+ and human rights campaigns, sexual health and education.
Identifying as cisgender and bisexual, Drew has always believed in a deity. When he learnt about Islam in order to add it to his department’s curriculum he found it compelling and it helped him deal with the death of a close friend. Whilst his family and partner accepted his faith, many friends and acquaintances have been less enthusiastic about his decision.
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