Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement Conference in April

The Lesbian and gay Christian Movement (LGCM) will guest The Right Reverend Dr Martin Warner, the 103rd Bishop of Chichester to its Annual Conference in Brighton on 20th April 2013.
After attending the Opening Worsh, the Bishop will welcome us to his diocese, deliver a short message and take questions from the floor.
Nigel Nash, convenor for the Brighton LGCM and Keith Sharpe, coordinator of Changing Attitude Sussex were delighted that their invitation to participate in the conference was so readily accepted.
LGCM is grateful that Bishop Martin has offered us an hour and as Nigel commented, ‘given that we know as a new Bishop his time is extremely limited this says a lot about his willingness to engage with the LGBT community.’
Rev Sharon Ferguson, Chief Executive, said, ‘We hope and pray that he will find the experience both enjoyable and productive and it will lead to an even greater understanding and closer relationship.’