Mormons Separate 'Is' from 'Does'

The Church of Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormons or LDS have recognised that homosexuality is not a sin but acting upon it is.
This position, as laid out on the website Mormons and Gays, is an update on the Church’s previous total intolerance position.
It also brings the Church into line with Anglican church’s approach to LGB people who enter the priesthood. To practise as a priest, one must abstain from same sex sexual activities, taking a vow of celibacy which does not apply to heterosexuals.
This was the line taken by the leadership of the Catholic Church until the previous Pope Benedict XVI wrote the encyclical for his predecessor John Paul II, declaring homosexuality an “objective disorder”. The current incumbent, Francis, has yet to make a statement in his new role but as a Cardinal in Argentina he described same sex marriage as the work of the devil.
Returning to the LDS, Judy Molland reports that the Mormons have gone quiet on the anti-same-sex marriage, pro Proposition 8 campaign because its members are bankrolling it and appearing on anti same sex marriage ads. In other words they are still against but they have shifted the campaign underground.
A page from the Rights Equal Rights website lists donors to the anti same sex marriage campaign.