Magazine Confirms Italy Is Still The Basket Case of the West on LGBT Rights

The Italian weekly L’Espresso published an article on September 6th lambasting the nation for its persistent and continued homophobia. In an article entitled ‘L’Italia AntiGay’ the respected periodical describes homophobia in Italy as being “Like an epidemic from the past, with no antidote”. The article claims that there were 20,000 plus requests for help from […]

Vigil for Murdered Jamaican

“Out & Proud Diamond Group invites you to a peaceful protest against the brutal murder of Jamaican transgender Dwayne Jones in Jamaica and for LGBTI rights in Jamaica. the protest will take place on 28/ august 2013 starting at 4:30 pm venue Jamaican Embassy in London 1-2 Prince Consort Road London SW7 2BZ, nearest underground […]

40th Anniversary of the New Orleans Massacre

The 24th of June marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most appalling events in the USA’s history; the massacre of 29 gay men in a New Orleans bar. While the Stonewall riots are celebrated every year, the arson attack on gay Christian group in The Upstairs Lounge that left a total of 32 […]

Will the World Ever Be Ridded of 'Panic defence'?

The American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section has passed a resolution to protect victims of so called gay and transgender ‘panic’ legal defenses and will take the resolution to the association’s annual meeting in August. The passing of the resolution by the Criminal Justice Section, which supports members of the LGBT community by no longer […]

Greater Manchester Police Protects Goths

The Greater Manchester Police Authority has announced that it will extend its hate crime legislation to protect subcultural  group members such as goths, emos and punks. The decision follows extensive work with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation after the eponymous young Goth was beaten, kicked and stamped to death by Ryan Herbert and Brendan Harris while trying […]

16-year-old attacked by Homophobes after Brighton Post Pride Party

The LGBT community was given a reminder that we are never safe in the UK yesterday when it was revealed that an eighteen-year-old was bottled in Brighton on the night of the post Pride Party – September the 1st. He became separated from his friends at about 11.30 on Saturday night and moved away from the St […]

Ravi Sentenced

After all the brou-ha-ha and the rumours of a decade of detention and deportation; the rejection of the plea-bargaining and the column inches of opinion; the verdict has been given: Dharun Ravi will face a 30 day prison sentence, 3 years’ probation, 300 hours community service, counselling and a $10,000 dollar penalty to be paid […]

Britain is the best place to be LGBT: ILGA

The new international study of LGBT rights across Europe is now available. Covering very nation state in the continent, the comprehensive report reports the similarities and differences socially and legally between them. The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) describes general changes in Europe and takes every country. Its summary makes clear that Europe is […]