16-year-old attacked by Homophobes after Brighton Post Pride Party

The LGBT community was given a reminder that we are never safe in the UK yesterday when it was revealed that an eighteen-year-old was bottled in Brighton on the night of the post Pride Party – September the 1st. He became separated from his friends at about 11.30 on Saturday night and moved away from the St James Street area toward the sea-front and heard a group making derogatory comments. He challenged them and was hit with a bottle, sustaining head and facial injuries.
At time of writing, the brave teenager, Jack Young, had not reported this attack to the police. The story was revealed by his mum on the Wipe out Homophobia Facebook site. She wanted to show how brave Jack had been. She also thanked the LGBT community for their kindness after the story received 4000 likes and 700 comments, as well as an offer of free tickets to Thorpe Park.
Full story from the Argus here.