Free Films for LGBT History Month

SCREEN AWARD-WINNING SHORT FILM SERIES FOR FREE DURING LGBT HISTORY MONTH 2013   Are you planning your LGBT History Month events or got room for a special screening? Well, THE DEVOTION PROJECT – the brainchild of filmmaker Antony Osso – has teamed up with LGBT History Month so you can show these brilliant short films, […]

Trans Day of Remembrance

Tuesday November the 20th is International Trans Day of Remembrance, a day when people gather in locations worldwide to memorialise the victims of transphobia. The list of TDoR events in the Uk is below. Bath, United Kingdom Will be holding a Transgender Day of Remembrance event Sunday 18th November 2012 at 6.00pm at the Central […]

Pre-Launch for LGBT History Month 2013

    We’re nearly there!   If you haven’t booked your ticket with Eventbrite, you can see the whole thing, including the afternoon debate and the speakers, by going to this link:   It will be live from 11am right through till the event closes.   If you want to talk about the event […]

LGBT History Month Pre-Launch

  The 2013 LGBT History Month Pre-Launch is on Thursday November the 15th  2012, at Bletchley Park After 2 very successful and fruitful years of focusing on sport – alerting the government and sporting associations to the importance of LGBT participation, training and supporting in safety – we now turn to another challenging area: Maths, […]

NHS LGBT Health Summit

The LGBT Health Summit was founded in 2006 to provide a safe, supportive and exciting space for individuals, organisations and activists to come together to discuss, debate and challenge thinking and practice on LGBT health issues in the UK. The 2012 Summit will be held in Canterbury, Kent at the University of Kent on 13th […]

3 Prides this Weekend

It’s a cornucopia of prides this Saturday as three of the UK’s cities celebrate their LGBT communities. Brighton, Cardiff and Leicester all have their pride events this Saturday. Brighton and Cardiff have free parades but the staged events are ticket only and Cardiff is said to be sold out. Leicester’s Pride party will be a free event […]

Are We There Yet? The Long Road to Equality

At 8am Monday 27 August, the first of 1.2 million footsteps will fall from the future Black Cultural Archives, Brixton, on the road to Huddersfield. The walk, ‘rwethereyet?’, symbolises the long road to equality and the importance of home: it’s an inspired fundraiser for Kairos in Soho, and groundbreaking artist Ajamu’s major exhibition Fierce. This is […]

IMAAN Annual Conference 2012

Imaan, Europe’s largest support group for LGBT Muslims announces its 5th International conference in London, at which Gay Muslims and Islamic Scholars from around the world explore the diversity and inclusivity found within contemporary Islamic culture. Entitled ‘Diversity: the gift of Islam’ (Al-Ikhtilaf, athaa min Allah) the conference brings together eminent scholars, community-leaders and individual LGBT Muslim […]