Pre-Launch for LGBT History Month 2013

We’re nearly there!
If you haven’t booked your ticket with Eventbrite, you can see the whole thing, including the afternoon debate and the speakers, by going to this link:
It will be live from 11am right through till the event closes.
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Schools are sending pupils in the morning to sample some lessons from the Classroom; see the Turing memorabilia and learn about his extraordinary life and its shameful end; and do a code-breaking exercise using the machine Turing played a part in developing. University students will do the same in the afternoon and there will be a public debate addressing the statement ‘This House Believes Science Has Been the Enemy of the LGBT Community’.
The evening will be a sit down event with keynote speakers and entertainment courtesy of Norwich Rainbow Choir. Maths lecturer and Turing expert S Barry Cooper and Science Museum and Annika Joy, Head of Audience Research & Advocacy are among the speakers.
Not surprisingly the theme is Maths, Science and Engineering.
If you want to join in the fun and learn a few things along the way and you didn’t get round to booking a ticket, watch us on the live stream!