Above The Stag Theatre presents: A HARD RAIN

Above The Stag Theatre, London’s gay-focused theatre which recently moved to a new, permanent home in Vauxhall presents – A Hard Rain, a new play set in the days before the Stonewall riots erupted. It opens on 26 February. The play is set in and around a mafia-run gay bar in Greenwich Village, NYC, and is about “Ruby”, who is kicked out of the military after a year in Vietnam and winds up with no prospects, in drag, in the village. It’s in part about his journey towards activism. The play is also going to be published by the leading theatre publisher, Nick Hern Books, to coincide with the run.

NO 2 LGBT HATE CRIME: Reclaim Vauxhall

NO 2 LGBT HATE CRIME: Reclaim Vauxhall – from David ‘dbh’ Braniff-Herbert on Facebook. After a homophobic attack, help me reclaim our LGBT-friendly space back in Vauxhall by walking with me, friends and family holding hands. Last Sunday, my partner and I had homophobic abuse and a threat of violence used against us whilst walking along the river Thames with an arm around each other in Vauxhall. We were then followed to a pub where two of the boys came in, one holding some sort of weapon.