Ukraine: Can We Be in the EU and Discriminate against LGBT People Please?

On Thursday Ukraine’s Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, Valeriya Lutkowska, announced that she and a number of parliamentarians will travel to Brussels to try and persuade the EU to release the country from its responsibility to legislate against discrimination. In June 2013, the Ukrainian government made a commitment to the EU that it would develop […]

Warsaw Pride

Warsaw pride took place on June 15th. Here is Pride Solidarity’s Claire Dimyon’s account of the march and parade: 8-9,000 participants partied along a 5km route through central Warsaw shutting down the transport systems for a while, taking the Polish capital by storm. Participants also included LGBT from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and a vigil/demo […]

Pride in the East

Kiev Pride went ahead and history was made on Saturday when 100 or so LGBT people and their allies marched in Kiev to celebrate Ukranian pride. The march was protected by the police and coaches took the particpants to a safe place afterwards to protect them from the mainly Orthodox Christian protesters. Meanwhile Nikolai Alexeyev […]

Fans Unite to Support LGBT in Kiev

The LGBT Fan Embassy for Euro2012  opened June 22nd in Donetsk, the Ukraine.  Clare B Dimyon  MBE, Founder of Pride Solidarity, unfurled the rainbow flag that has been on parade three times in the Ukraine during the UEFA Football Championships, once in Kyiv with Sweden’s fans and twice in Kharkiv with Dutch fans.  The flag […]