Second campaigner Beaten in the Ukraine

Another Kiev Pride organiser has been hospitalised in a homophobic attack in the Ukrainian capital. Taras KARASICHUK, chair of Kiev pride, was set upon and had his jaw broken twice in the brutal attack by five homophobic thugs, who shouted ‘perv’ and ‘f*ggot’ as the punched and kicked him on the night of June the 21st.
After hospital treatment Taras has been removed to a safe location.

This attack follows another attack one month ago on 20 May 2012, following the abandonment of the public manifestation of Kyiv PRIDE 2012, when Svyatoslav SHEREMET, Kyiv PRIDE organising committee and Maxim KASANCHUK were assaulted resulting in the hospitalisation of Svyatoslav SHEREMET.
“Kyiv PRIDE 2012”
International Forum-Festival LGBT
June 22, 2012, Friday
Clare Dimyon writes from the Euro2012: LGBT Fan Embassy in Donetsk:
“I am absolutely appalled… (and worried sick about Taras)… that this should happen while the Ukraine and Kyiv in particular, is in the full glare of international attention.  It shows how completely ruthless and motivated these homophobic hooligan “activists” are. I urge all LGBT and LGBT-friendly people to show their solidarity with Taras and with all Ukrainian LGBT people at this time… and for some time to come.  I fear the situation will be worse before it is better and it is already awful.
At this very moment, even as the Euro2012: Football Championships are being played out, a Section 28 (UK ref) “homosexual propaganda” bill is before the Verhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament).  This bill, if passed, will make it a criminal offence for ANYONE to tell the TRUTH about “homosexuality” or about LGBT people.  Only days before the anniversary of 27/28 June, the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, we must stand together is support and love and solidarity with our LGBT sisters and brothers in the Ukraine… and wish Taras a speedy recovery from this appalling incident.”