Pride Sports to Open Pride House During Sochi Olympics

In response to a call from the Pride House International coalition, Manchester’s LGBT community is pleased to announce it will be hosting a Pride House on the world famous Canal Street during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. A Pride House in Sochi was banned by Russian judge, Svetlana Mordovina, who described the idea as […]

Why I won't attend Gergiev's concerts – David Nice

“Why I won’t attend Gergiev’s concerts” – David Nice. When a conductor unequivocally endorses a murderous state policy, it’s time to draw the line. Last Thursday I was giving a talk before a concert in Birmingham, decently but not inspiringly conducted by the much-liked Vasily Sinaisky. Had I been in London I could have taken my pick between two greater interpreters, Valery Gergiev launching his Berlioz series with the London Symphony Orchestra and veteran Yury Temirkanov returning to one of his standard programmes with the Philharmonia. Both appeared on the list of 549 “trustees” supporting Vladimir Putin’s 2012 re-election campaign.

All Out raise over $30,000 to show Coca-Cola they've got to speak up now against Russia's anti-gay laws.

In just a few hours All Out raised over $30,000 to show Coca-Cola they’ve got to speak up now and take a strong stand against Russia’s anti-gay laws. On Monday, Coca-Cola employees snapped pictures of the 3 trucks with massive billboards reading “COCA-COLA” “DON’T STAY BOTTLED UP” “SPEAK OUT AGAINST RUSSIA’S ANTI-GAY LAWS” that roared past their head offices in Atlanta all day.

Valery Gergiev LSO concert disrupted by Peter Tatchell

The opening of night of Valery Gergiev’s new London Symphony Orchestra concert season at the Barbican in London was disrupted last night (31 October) by a protest by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell against Gergiev’s support for Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

LGBT groups hoping for a roving Pride House in Sochi

LGBT groups hoping for a roving Pride House in Sochi – After a Russian court rejected efforts to set up a Pride House in Sochi, a building dedicated to supporting gay athletes, a coalition of LGBT sports groups is campaigning national organizing committees to host Pride House events at their hospitality houses. This would create a roving Pride House of sorts for the 2014 Winter Olympics.