All Out raise over $30,000 to show Coca-Cola they've got to speak up now against Russia's anti-gay laws.

In just a few hours All Out raised over $30,000 to show Coca-Cola they’ve got to speak up now and take a strong stand against Russia’s anti-gay laws.
On Monday, Coca-Cola employees snapped pictures of the 3 trucks with massive billboards reading “COCA-COLA” “DON’T STAY BOTTLED UP” “SPEAK OUT AGAINST RUSSIA’S ANTI-GAY LAWS” that roared past their head offices in Atlanta all day.
trucks were covered in the news around the world. And one of the biggest stock exchanges, the Nasdaq, just said that Coca-Cola is “dropping the ball on gay rights at Sochi”. That could spell real trouble for Coca-Cola’s share price.
It’s working: Coca-Cola is stalling because of the pressure – and the longer they take to answer, the more out-of-touch they seem.
As one of the biggest Olympic sponsors and a major investor in the Russian economy, Coca-Cola has huge influence with the government. By speaking out, they could help put an end to the anti-gay laws.
Thanks to All Out members chipping in a few dollars and nearly 150,000 of us sending the CEO emails, Coca-Cola is seeing that we consumers hold the power. If they don’t speak out soon, it could be a major blow to their reputation and their profits.
Andre, Guillaume, Jeremy, Marie, Marie-Marguerite, Sara and the rest of the All Out team.
PS: There’s every reason to think they will be getting back to us soon – that’s what we’re hearing from people with close contacts at Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola knows the pressure is on and we won’t stay silent as they run down the clock. If they don’t get back to us soon, we might have to up the pressure even more. It would be great work together and hear everyone’s ideas about what we could do next. Send your ideas to and the team will read every one as we come up with our plan.
P.P.S. In just 2 days, our video shining light on what’s happening in Russia is coming out.