Pride Sports to Open Pride House During Sochi Olympics

In response to a call from the Pride House International coalition, Manchester’s LGBT community is pleased to announce it will be hosting a Pride House on the world famous Canal Street during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. A Pride House in Sochi was banned by Russian judge, Svetlana Mordovina, who described the idea as “extremist” and claimed it would offend “public morality”.
Pride House Manchester will be based at Taurus Bar, no.1 Canal Street and will engage a range of partners throughout Manchester’s Gay Village alongside the city’s vibrant LGBT sports community. Lou Englefield, Director of Pride Sports and Steering Group member says: “We are delighted to be working with Taurus, a Village venue that has a great tradition of welcoming Manchester’s LGBT sports clubs, and which has supported Pride Games, our annual sports festival, for many years. We are also excited to be joining forces with the To Russia With Love: Street & Stage team, which has a great programme of events planned for 7 – 9 February”
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