Scotland Remembers

History Scotland has published the first of three online articles on LGBT History in Scotland which Bob Cant has written to mark the twentieth anniversary of the publication of his book, ‘Footsteps and Witnesses: Lesbian and gay lifestories from Scotland’. You can access it here The second article will appear in September and the […]

Do Mums and Dads make Boys Gay and Girls Lesbian (respectively)?

According to a new piece of scientific research our sexual orientation can be decided in the womb by rogue “epi-marks” that we receive from our opposite sex parent. Challenging the current conflicting orthodoxies that we are either a product of our environments or we have inherited the “gay gene” in our DNA, researchers William Rice, a professor at […]

1 in 4 LGBT Young People Assaulted

According to research carried out by the Metro in Greenwich one in four young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people have been assaulted and a half have been threatened with physical assault. The results also reveal that self-harm rates are much higher among LGBT youth than among heterosexual and cisgender youth. The survey is ongoing and is […]

90% of Job-seekers would deny being LGBT

A staggering 89% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people would hide their sexual orientation should the matter, hypothetically, be brought up during a job interview, and another overwhelming 84% have asserted they would struggle being ‘out’ at work- at least in their early career. This may be because 76% of all respondents in a […]

Get ready for the UK's First History Postgraduates' LGBT Conference

A long sought Conference with workshops for History postgraduates who want to look into LGBT people’s histories is to take place at the University of London on November the 7th. LGBT co-chair Sue Sanders will be one of the speakers. Historical work on LGBT or queer “issues” is now more accepted in the academy than […]