Special Offer Ends September 7

Sue Sanders and Arthur Sullivan, Chair and Operations Director respectively of LGBT History Month, have contributed Race Equality Teaching volume 32. This issue will be about the whole equalities agenda in education, not about race equality alone. We are offering readers who are not subscribers a limited-time opportunity to buy these two issues at a greatly […]

Free Films for LGBT History Month

SCREEN AWARD-WINNING SHORT FILM SERIES FOR FREE DURING LGBT HISTORY MONTH 2013   Are you planning your LGBT History Month events or got room for a special screening? Well, THE DEVOTION PROJECT – the brainchild of filmmaker Antony Osso – has teamed up with LGBT History Month so you can show these brilliant short films, […]

What's it like to be gay, lesbian or bisexual in school today? Stonewall wants to know

A new survey by Stonewall seeks students’ views on what it is like to be queer at school. The ‘Speak Out’ survey for LGB young people aged 11 to 19 is up and live. Five years on from their ground-breaking research The School Report Stonewall is once again calling on lesbian, gay and bisexual young people […]

I Support Equality, Says Jamaican PM

The newly elected Prime Minister of Jamaica has come out in favour of respecting the human rights of “gays”. Portia Simpson Miller spoke in a live TV debate and said that Jamaica should support equality for gay people. When pushed on the issue of whether she would have a gay in her cabinet she said the only criteria for […]

Poll Shows Older Gays and Lesbians Worse off

A recent poll shows that LGB people are disadvantaged compared to their heterosexual counterparts. Half as likey to be visited regularly by their relatives and twice as likely to be dependent on care. This follows a number of surveys and documentaries exposing shocking abuse and negligence in our care services for older people in the […]