Special Offer Ends September 7

Sue Sanders and Arthur Sullivan, Chair and Operations Director respectively of LGBT History Month, have contributed Race Equality Teaching volume 32.
This issue will be about the whole equalities agenda in education, not about race equality alone. We are offering readers who are not subscribers a limited-time opportunity to buy these two issues at a greatly reduced price. Normally, Race Equality Teaching is available only on a subscription basis, and individual subscriptions are £39 for three issues each year. But in this instance we are offering two issues for only £5.00 each plus postage, if ordered before 7 September 2014. See below for details.
In the first of the two issues, the editorial takes the form of an open letter to political leaders, urging them to implement the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. The arguments in the editorial are then illustrated and explained by the articles that follow. There are three articles about eliminating discrimination, three about advancing equality of opportunity and three about fostering good relations.
Sue Sanders and Arthur Sullivan write about LGBT equality, Jay Stewart about gender reassignment and Mark Jennett about gender stereotypes.  Lizz Bennett and Laura Pidcock discuss racism, and Kate Hollinshead, Sarah Soyei and Yvette Thomas identity-based bullying.
Sameena Choudry writes about the need to collect and publish relevant data, Artemi Sakellariadis about definitions of disability, and Catherine McNamara and Gilroy Brown and Maurice Irfan Coles write about black children, Karamat Iqbal about Pakistani Muslim children.
In the second issue, there will be articles on the pupil premium grant; spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; and religion and belief equality in the light of the Trojan Horse affair in Birmingham in summer 2014. Also there will be a round-up of recent resources, reports and materials and, based on both issues, a set of recommendations to the government and Ofsted.
If you would like to take advantage of this offer you can place your order at the specially created webpage at http://ioepress.co.uk/books/race-equality-teaching/ret-special-issue-322/ for the first issue.  A similar offer is available for the second issue at http://ioepress.co.uk/books/race-equality-teaching/ret-special-issue-323/.
Race Equality Teaching is the only practitioners’ journal devoted to race equality in education. For 31 years it has led international debate and reported good practice in education and equality, responding to the political shifts that affect children’s educational opportunities. Click here for the IOE review