2014 Sochi Olympic Games – what about LGBTI rights? ILGA

2014 Sochi Olympic Games – what about LGBTI rights? ILGA: with the Sochi Olympic Winter Games under way, ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association reiterates its deep concern for the very harsh situation LGBTI people are suffering in Russia, where the anti-gay propaganda legislation came into force in June last year.

Magazine Confirms Italy Is Still The Basket Case of the West on LGBT Rights

The Italian weekly L’Espresso published an article on September 6th lambasting the nation for its persistent and continued homophobia. In an article entitled ‘L’Italia AntiGay’ the respected periodical describes homophobia in Italy as being “Like an epidemic from the past, with no antidote”. The article claims that there were 20,000 plus requests for help from […]

US Embassy Excludes LGBT Palestinians from Israel Reception

Aswat-Palestinian Gay Women was recently invited to attend a reception hosted by the US Embassy in honor of the LGBTQI community in Israel, planned for Thursday 16th May. Enquiring about speakers at the event, Aswat learned that no Palestinian LGBTQI activists had been approached to speak, and that only Jewish Israeli campaigners were invited to […]

ILGA Calls for More Anti-Homophobia/Transphobia Legislation in Europe

Homophobia and transphobia exist in every state in Europe and the EU is not doing enough to combat it. That’s the bleak observation of the International Lesbian and Gay Association’s (ILGA) Evelyn Paradis in a clip from Euronews. The upsurge in prejudice based violence in France following the passing of the same sex marriage Bill […]

Intersex Awareness Day

October the 26th is Intersex Awareness Day. ILGA Europe has released the following statement: Today, ILGA-Europe joins intersex organisations around the world to mark the Intersex Awareness Day. ILGA-Europe believes that this day is a great opportunity for the raising of awareness on intersex issues, generate greater understanding and call for the elaboration of human rights […]

ILGA Asylum Seekers' Survey

A survey seeking the views and experiences of LGBT asylum seekers and people involved in the LGBT asylum seeking process throughout Europe is currently taking place, Commissioned by The International Lesbian and nay Asoociation (ILGA), the survey follows a meeting at Greenwich University to discuss the situation for people claiming asylum on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity throughout […]

Britain is the best place to be LGBT: ILGA

The new international study of LGBT rights across Europe is now available. Covering very nation state in the continent, the comprehensive report reports the similarities and differences socially and legally between them. The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) describes general changes in Europe and takes every country. Its summary makes clear that Europe is […]