Burmese Gay Couple to Marry

With the current upsurge in systematic and statutory homophobia in Russia, Uganda and Nigeria the outside world might seem an increasingly hostile place.
So it is a comfort to read of two men about to marry in the unlikely state of Myanmar (Burma).
Tin Ko Ko and Myo Min Htet fell in love 10 years ago, and immediately encountered barriers – rejection by family members, money problems when they first started to live together.
Now they will mark the 10th anniversary of their relationship by getting married, before relatives and friends. Theirs will be the first public gay marriage in Myanmar, though the location of the ceremony is a secret. Other gay couples have married, but preferred to do so in private because of prevailing social attitudes. The government won’t stop a gay marriage, but nor is it officially allowed. Tin Ko Ko and Myo Min Htet fear protestors might crash their wedding and try to stop it. Still, they are in high spirits.
“Words can’t express how happy I am. I never dreamt that he would do something great like this for our anniversary. I thank him for his surprise gift,” Myo Min Htet said, adding, “I look forward to celebrating our 20th or 25th anniversary as well.”
To read the full story from the Myanmar Timers go here. Thanks to ILGA for the story.