Aswat Launches Love for All Initiative

An online magazine is calling on readers in Arab countries to photograph themselves bearing messages against homophobia and the silence of media about queer issues.  Aswat magazine’s “Love for All” intiative was launched on Facebook to dovetail with International Day Against Homophobia on May 17. Among the messages that have been posted was this one […]

Pre-Launch for LGBT History Month 2013

    We’re nearly there!   If you haven’t booked your ticket with Eventbrite, you can see the whole thing, including the afternoon debate and the speakers, by going to this link:   It will be live from 11am right through till the event closes.   If you want to talk about the event […]

16-year-old attacked by Homophobes after Brighton Post Pride Party

The LGBT community was given a reminder that we are never safe in the UK yesterday when it was revealed that an eighteen-year-old was bottled in Brighton on the night of the post Pride Party – September the 1st. He became separated from his friends at about 11.30 on Saturday night and moved away from the St […]