God's Other Children – A London Memoir by Vernal Scott

God’s Other Children – A London Memoir by Vernal Scott. A new non-fiction book which details the impact of HIV and AIDS from a black/gay perspective, and much much more besides. The forewords are written by Sir Nick Partridge, Peter Tatchell, and Lord Paul Boateng. It’s available from Foyles, Amazon and Gay’s The Word.

History Resource: The Radical Activist who Took on AIDS

History Resource: The Radical Activist who Took on AIDS (BBC World Service) Peter Staley was one of the ACT UP activists whose campaigns helped to turn AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition. Their story is told in the Oscar-nominated documentary How To Survive A Plague.

LASS Remembers

‘In 1987 a virulent new disease was killing people in Leicester. A grassroots organisation was created to provide care and support for the dying, the sick and their loved ones. Now, 25 years later, the situation has in some ways changed dramatically, but Leicestershire AIDS Support Services (LASS) continues to provide essential services to all […]

Andy Bell Promotes Sex and Relationships Education

Britain should make sex education compulsory for all school children as LGBT kids are often missing crucial information at present, says singer Andy Bell. He is supporting the work of the UK’s HIV campaign organization, National AIDS Trust, for whom he will perform a charity gig in London on 30 May. Bell writes: ‘I remember […]

Furnish: An AIDS-free generation is within our grasp

From a Speech by David Furnish, co-chair of the Elton John AIDS Foundation We must fight, and end, the complacency about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in this country. And we must stop the active ignorance of the needs of the marginalized and the voiceless. An AIDS-free generation is within our grasp, but we have to stop […]

Ugandan Parliament Shuts Down 'Kill the Gays' Bill

Uganda’s parliament Friday shelved an anti-gay bill that would have brought in the death penalty for certain homosexual acts after the United States slammed the proposed law as “odious.” Lawmakers had been due to debate the legislation calling for capital punishment for anyone caught engaging in homosexual acts for the second time and for consensual […]

Jamaica Observer Publishes Perils of Prejudice

The renowned newspaper The Jamaica Observer published an article highlighting the consequences of homophobia endemic within Jamaican society after a student was beaten by his university’s security staff on suspicion of carrying out a homosexual act. The article, published on the 24th of November, Marvin Gunter wonders how a society that holds Christian values can […]