Sue Sanders Wins The First Rainbow Honors Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

See more photos from the event here: The Trustees of Schools Out UK and the Management Committee would like to thank the Diva Rainbow Honours Committee for acknowledging all the hard work, effort and advocacy that SUE SANDERS has contributed for over 40 years to make the world a safer and more inclusive place […]

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity in Schools

Professor  Sue Sanders, Co-Chair, School’s OUT UK and Founder, The Classroom and LGBT History Month discusses the importance of inclusive LGBTQ+ Education in schools to promote equality and diversity. Will be chairing an Inside Government event on promoting Inclusive RSE and LGBTQ+ Education in schools on 18th September See here Very exciting erudite speakers including Andrew Moffat We are in schools […]

Will the rights of transgender asylum seekers in the UK be protected post-Brexit?

Will the rights of transgender asylum seekers in the UK be protected post-Brexit? The media has become oversaturated with speculation on the potentially devastating consequences that a no deal Brexit could have for businesses, trade and the UK economy as a whole, but there has been a worrying lack of coverage on the wider implications […]

LGBT History Month Premieres New Play On How A Man From Bolton met Queer Literary Hero Walt Whitman

Inkbrew Productions is thrilled to present: The Adhesion of Love as the 2019 national heritage premiere for LGBT History Month. Touring venues in Lancashire, Manchester and Salford 9 February to 31 May.   Written by multi-award winning playwright Stephen M Hornby, The Adhesion of Love tells the extraordinary true story of how an architect’s assistant […]

Mary McIntosh 1936-2013 indisputably Britain’s leading feminist talk

My subject for LGBT History Month 2019 is Mary McIntosh 1936-2013 who was indisputably Britain’s leading feminist. McIntosh was educated at High Wycombe School and St Anne’s College, Oxford, where she studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics. After graduating in 1958 she moved to the University of California, Berkeley, where she worked as a graduate student and teaching assistant in the Sociology Department, out of which grew her interest in criminology.

Hidden from History? The psychiatric (mis) treatment of lesbians since the 1950s in England.

We know a fair bit about what happened to gay men in the English mental health system. For example, the fact that some men received ‘aversion therapy’ (see, for example, Curing Queers by Tommy Dickenson). But what happened to Lesbians?  We have been exploring LGBT; women’s; and mental health archives to find out what happened to same-sex attracted women in the mental health system in England.  As a result of our research, we could offer talks on the following topics:

LGBT History Month 2019 to Launch with Queer Beyond London

The Launch of LGBT History Month 2019 is ready to rolll and this year we’re twinning with Queer Beyond London to make it a really special event. The Launch will be hosted by The British Library on Wednesday the 14th of November from 5.30 onwards. The theme will be Peace, Reconciliation and Activism. The evening will […]