Lesson Suggestions

From David Watkins (a teacher) (all links open window with Word, image or PowerPoint file) Bullying: doc one (Chalkface Project), doc two, doc three, doc four LGBT symbols: doc one, doc two Prejudice: doc one, doc two (Chalkface Project), doc three World AIDS Day: doc one, doc two, doc three, doc four, doc five BME: […]

Resources for Schools

All teachers know that learning can only take place when the atmosphere is right. In addition to lesson suggestions tailored for LGBT History Month we are offering materials, prepared by experienced teachers, to assist schools in: ending the official invisibility of LGBT people in the school community and curriculum; developing policies that are respectful of […]

How It Can Be Done

Stoke Newington School has been celebrating LGBT History Month for several years now by integrating it to the curriculum. An account of the 2008 celebration of the month, together with pictures is available here. See also the related Powerpoint presentation at the bottom of the Schools section. Case Study: Stoke Newington School celebrates LGBT History […]

Resources for Education

Two videos available from Women’s Educational Media. Both videos are American so specify European PAL format when ordering. – It’s Elementary. Teacher training video and resource pack – That’s a Family. PSHE video for KS1 and 2 Heads in the Sand…Backs Against the Wall David Watkins, a teacher, shares with us his thoughts and hopes […]


The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is an American organisation working to ensure safe schools for ALL students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. They provide a series of documents listed below: Teachers Resources for LGBT history Month Comprehensive booklist for schools Documents about changing schools Comprehensive school survey Other resources (including […]