Lesson Suggestions

From David Watkins (a teacher)

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Bullying: doc one (Chalkface Project), doc two, doc three, doc four
LGBT symbols: doc one, doc two
Prejudice: doc one, doc two (Chalkface Project), doc three
World AIDS Day: doc one, doc two, doc three, doc four, doc five
BME: Batty Man – Channel 4 documentary about homophobia in the black British community and Jamaica (related clips and lesson plan are available here). The programme itself is available for viewing and (for teachers) for downloading from Teachers TV here.
Key stages 2/3
Name Calling
A Poem and how to use it
Jamie’s Story (additional notes) (cards)
Teasing and Bullying, what’s the difference?
Key Stage 4
The Kestrels (additional notes)
Poem Comparison
Sonnets Lesson