In memorium…

Today is World AIDS Remembrance Day. With ‘How To Survive A Plague’ being released, this year is perhaps even more a fitting time to remember and reflect on the origins of the modern AIDS movement and remind ourselves that the success of the treatment cause was also the root of the modern LGBT civil rights movement. Today is also the public honorartion of the heroes and heroines of a time without which, today would be impossible. A kiss and a salute in equal measure. And still, silence equals death. We Remember.

Furnish: An AIDS-free generation is within our grasp

From a Speech by David Furnish, co-chair of the Elton John AIDS Foundation We must fight, and end, the complacency about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in this country. And we must stop the active ignorance of the needs of the marginalized and the voiceless. An AIDS-free generation is within our grasp, but we have to stop […]

Elton John calls for an end to homophobia on World AIDS Day

Elton John, singer songwriter and probably the most famous same sex parent in the world, as well as being the founder of the Elton John AIDS federation, clearly linked homophobia with the AIDS epidemic in an article written on World AIDS Day. In the article, written for the Huffington Post, Sir Elton said: “Working together, I believe […]