Prides 2015

This year’s UK Pride festivals are set out below:   Date Place Details and website May 30 Bradford Centenary Park, City Sq. 1-7pm. Free June 6 Oxford Ship Street till late. Parade from 12 noon. Free. Part of week long festival June 13-14 Blackpool Winter Gardens. Parade from 10.45. Free. 5 stages. […]

Channel 4 Documentary to Test Anti-Gay 'Cures'

In a one-off Channel 4 documentary Dr Christian Jessen goes undercover to both investigate and undertake controversial gay ‘cures’ in the UK and the USA. Christian is shocked to find that not only are there people who believe that homosexuality is a disorder which should be cured, but that there is a growing number of […]

Will the World Ever Be Ridded of 'Panic defence'?

The American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section has passed a resolution to protect victims of so called gay and transgender ‘panic’ legal defenses and will take the resolution to the association’s annual meeting in August. The passing of the resolution by the Criminal Justice Section, which supports members of the LGBT community by no longer […]

UK Still Best Place in Europe to Be LGBT

The ILGA European LGBT Equality map for 2013 has just been released and the UK is still the best place to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans, scoring a whopping 77% on the scale in terms of human rights and equality. Taking account of equalities legislation, familial rights, hate crime legislation, legal gender recognition, freedom of […]

Britain is the best place to be LGBT: ILGA

The new international study of LGBT rights across Europe is now available. Covering very nation state in the continent, the comprehensive report reports the similarities and differences socially and legally between them. The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) describes general changes in Europe and takes every country. Its summary makes clear that Europe is […]