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“I've had enough”: Complaint letter sent to RTE by Dublin theatre producer

Eire: “I’ve had enough”: Complaint letter sent to RTE over Saturday Night Show ‘apology’ – by Brian Merriman, Artistic Director International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. Radio Television Eireann (Ireland) probably thought they were doing something ‘avant garde’ in inviting one of Ireland’s most articulate and talented drag artistes/advocate, Panti on the ‘Saturday Night Show’. The interview named a few ‘right wing’ journalists and a ‘catholic’ funded Iona Institute as being homophobic in their activity. Themes like religion, politics, media, history, etc. are unpacked in his analysis of the importance of telling our modern LGBT lifestyle and culture on the stages of the biggest International Gay Theatre Festival in the world.
Update 7th February 2014: Irish state broadcaster RTE pays out €85,000 compensation for suggestion that the legal discrimination of ‘Gays’ does not = ‘homophobia’

Sean Bean wins International Emmy for Trans role

British actor Sean Bean has won an International Emmy for his work in BBC One drama series Accused. The 54-year-old won for his portrayal of a teacher with a Trans alter ego in the Tracie’s Story episode of the Jimmy McGovern serial.