TV Series Planned Re-Gender Affirmation

Channel 4 has commissioned a new TV series that will include people applying for gender confirmation treatment through the NHS. We wish to film them from their first appointment at a gender identity clinic for adults or at a provider of gender confirming surgery and then through their assessment. If you are in that situation and happy to talk with us about your experiences and the series then please get in touch. There is no obligation to be involved in the series and everything will be treated in strict confidence.
Voltage TV Productions, the programme maker, will reimburse the reasonable expenses incurred by each person selected for filming.
About the series: The Cost of Living is a high end prime time series about the NHS to be broadcast in February next year. The senior team on the series have worked on other award winning medical programmes like Keeping Britain Alive, 24 Hours in A&E and One Born Every Minute. The new series is going to look at gender confirmation treatment and a range of other treatments, some which are funded by the NHS and some which aren’t. The aim is to explore how healthcare is rationed and prioritised. The series will be sensitive, balanced and fair.  We will not include the views of journalists who take an extreme anti position on gender confirmation treatment.
If you wish to know more, please contact:
Jon Alwen
Series Producer – The Cost of Living
Voltage TV Productions | 68 Wells Street, London, W1T 3QA
T: 020 7290 0710 | M: 07771 996 513