Schools: What Did You Do for LGBT History Month 2012?

Schools OUT is putting together a summary of good practice from schools that celebrated LGBT History Month. If something happened in your school, however small, please can you let them have a few sentences describing what happened and why it was successful, what the highlights were etc. If you have a good photo that would […]

Netherlands to Introduce Statutory Diversity Training

The Dutch government has prepared a scheme for compulsory education about LGB and transsexuality at each school; a victory for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. Following a proposal by Van Bijsterveldt, Ministerof Education, Culture and Science (pictured) the Cabinet agreed to the attainment targets for primary and secondary schools to adjust in the […]

Pink News Report on Schools OUT Conference

The Schools OUT 2012 Conference – which featured how to raise trans issues, disability issues, an OFSTED speaker, the leader of the National Union of Teachers, workshops on our latest method The Classroom, the European Rainbow film project and youth workshops, has been reviewed extensively by Adrian Tippets in Pink News. Read it here (part […]

What's it like to be gay, lesbian or bisexual in school today? Stonewall wants to know

A new survey by Stonewall seeks students’ views on what it is like to be queer at school. The ‘Speak Out’ survey for LGB young people aged 11 to 19 is up and live. Five years on from their ground-breaking research The School Report Stonewall is once again calling on lesbian, gay and bisexual young people […]

Irish Schools Still Discriminate against LGB Teachers

Come out as a gay. lesbian or bisexual teacher in Ireland and you can still face the sack, according to a report in The Montreal Gazette. Irish schools can waive European legislation outlawing discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of sexual orientation on the grounds of their religious ethos, so gay and lesbian staff who are open […]

California State Schools to Teach LGBT History

California has become the first state to mandate gay history lessons in public schools. In public school classrooms across the state students will soon be taught a subject that hasn’t been part of the curriculum before: LGBT history, the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Lorri Jean — CEO of the Gay & […]