Professional Footballers to Receive Equalities Guidance as New Season Starts

Every senior player in the English football leagues will receive guidance on racist and homophobic language. The Professional Footballers’ Association is organising the sessions and the union has written to the managers of all 92 clubs asking them to make sure the players attend. It comes after two high-profile cases during the last two seasons, […]

French Racist and Homophobic hash tags: Hollande Takes on Twitter

The French government has declared war on the racism, anti-antisemitism and homophobia spreading on Twitter. Twitter’s French timeline has recently born witness to ever more disturbing hashtags, such as #SiMonFilsestGay (if my son were gay) and #SiMaFilleRaméneUnNoir (if my daughter brought a black man home) and #unBonJuif’ (a good Jew), which has led to particularly […]

Downing Street Summit on Homophobia and Racism in Football

Downing Street used LGBT History Month to host a summit on racism and homophobia in football on February 23rd. At a time when every premier league team has signed the LGBT Sports charter and the Football Association has launched its Four Year plan to get rid of homophobia and transphobia and make the sport an open and […]