Nepal Opens Centre for Victims and people with HIV/AIDS

Sunil Pant, founder of the Blue Diamond Society and former MP, has opened an international centre in Kathmandu as a sanctuary for persecuted members of the community. The South eastern nation state of Nepal intends that people can come from other less understanding nations to find solace there. Nepal was the first state to grant […]

Nepal Government Department Puts LGBT Network under Threat

Nepal’s biggest LGBT rights organization, Blue Diamond Society (BDS), is battling against low morale after wages have not been paid for seven months. Founded in 2001, BDS successfully lobbied the government for recognition of a third gender and recently got LGBTI issues on the school curriculum. It has achieved significant gains for LGBTI rights in […]

Nepal Recognises Third Gender

Nepal has come to recognise officially that its citizens are not all male or female. The Nepalese Government has passed a resolution allowing people who do not fit into the binary code of gender identity to describe themselves as ‘other’ on official documentation. Other countries to look at changes in such legislation are Australia, India, Pakistan and […]

If Ever You Feel Down…

While we shed tears of joy, jubilation and frustration over the Olympics, let’s save some emotion for the fantastic courage and indefatigability of those who organised Pride in Uganda. Despite new draconian laws and a mid-pride police raid, the event went ahead and people came with their children to be entertained by the songs and displays. To […]