Brighton Ourstory Folds

We are very sorry to report that Brighton Ourstory, the city’s LGBT History site is closing after 24 years. Te project inspired LGBT History Month as well as local history projects in several cities around the UK. The homepage of the website says: “We are sad to announce that, after twenty-four years of searching out […]

What is LGBT History?

Decades have passed since the first published histories examining aspects of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex or queer life, or analysing social movements made up by LGBTIQ people. Historical work on LGBT or queer “issues” is now more accepted in the academy than ever before, and has enriched our knowledge enormously. However, postgraduate historians working on LGBT […]

Revealed: LGBT History of College Campuses has just published: ” 20 Notable College Moments in LGBT History ” which demonstrates the part our academic institutions have played in taking the LGBT community  to where it is today. According to the article’s authors: “Through the years, gay and lesbian students have progressed, been judged, and worked together to make a difference in […]