History Month 2014: Music – Want to be involved in 2014 ?

The video of the November launch of LGBT History Month 2014 is now available here!
We hope seeing the student workshops, guest speakers and musical performances inspires YOU to stage an event yourself, or to help your local, school, museum, gallery or where you work celebrate the unifying power of diversity through music.
Every year HM is represented by a famous ‘face’, to inspire you to create….this year we have 4! Find information on “Faces of ’14” here – Ethel Smyth, Benjamin Britten, Bessie Smith and Anglea Morley.
Want to get involved during 2014? Look inside…

FREE concert to celebrate LGBT History Month:Friday 7th February 2014

FREE concert to celebrating LGBT History Month: Friday 7th February 2014
Morley College, London – 61 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT
Educate OUT Prejudice at Morley College: All learners should be free to learn in an environment where they and staff feel comfortable about sexual orientation and gender identities. Unfortunately this is not always the case. This project will offer practical solutions to support the inclusion of LGB and/or T themes into the adult ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) curriculum.
The concert is FREE but does require tickets to be reserved (see article)