School Head Recognises Gender Is a Choice

Schools OUT UK has welcomed a decision by a the head of a private girls’ school to let pupils choose their gender identity. St Pauls School in West London is to consider applications from pupils over 16 to be known as boys or gender neutral. Putting the child at the centre when it comes to gender […]

Omission Was a Mistake, Says Education Department

The omission of gender identity from the New National Curriculum was an error in the first draft according to the DfE. Following hot on the heels of the discovery that many English schools and 2 Welsh schools still carried wording form the pernicious Section 28 in their Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) policy statements, Alice […]

Nepal Recognises Third Gender

Nepal has come to recognise officially that its citizens are not all male or female. The Nepalese Government has passed a resolution allowing people who do not fit into the binary code of gender identity to describe themselves as ‘other’ on official documentation. Other countries to look at changes in such legislation are Australia, India, Pakistan and […]

ILGA Asylum Seekers' Survey

A survey seeking the views and experiences of LGBT asylum seekers and people involved in the LGBT asylum seeking process throughout Europe is currently taking place, Commissioned by The International Lesbian and nay Asoociation (ILGA), the survey follows a meeting at Greenwich University to discuss the situation for people claiming asylum on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity throughout […]