Miliband: I'll Bring in Turing's Law

Leader of the Opposition says he will pardon more of the 49,000 men convicted of indecency for having consensual gay sex under what he called ‘Turing’s Law’ if ¬†elected to Government in May. Currently men¬†convicted for having relations with men under 21 but over 16 can have their convictions quashed on a case by case […]

Miliband behind Lawrence Peerage

Ed Miliband was behind the decision to make Doreen Lawrence a peer, according to The Guardian. The paper says Miliband has long admired Doreen Lawrence’s campaigning skills, as well as her commitment to wider race issues. Earlier this month Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered teenage Stephen Lawrence, gave evidence to the home affairs select committee […]

Miliband will have 3 line whip on same sex marriage

Shadow leader Ed Miliband gave his wholehearted support to same sex marriage and said there will be a three-line-whip for Labour ministers on Thursday, September the 27th. Although Prime Minister David Cameron is in favour of same sex marriage, he is giving his ministers a free vote. To read more go here