Leader of the Opposition Sends Message of Support for LGBT History Month 2011

Message of Support for LGBT History Month from Leader of the Opposition
The Labour Party leader Ed Milliband had sent this message of support to LGBT History Month:
I am delighted to be supporting LGBT History Month.
Despite the progress made towards LGBT equality over the last decade, there is still more work to do.
It is hugely important that we recognise and celebrate the role that LGBT people have played throughout our history, and in every aspect of our society and culture. The principles behind LGBT History Month reflect the kind of society we would all like to see: one built on fairness and liberty, equal respect, and a willingness to speak out against injustice where it still pervades.
We can be hugely proud of the progress we have made in the last decade, and six years since LGBT History Month was first held. But there are significant challenges ahead. We still have not eradicated homophobia, as our school playgrounds can too often show and as the horrific murder of Ian Baynham tells us only too painfully. It is right that we are restless to take the next step towards equality.
I am pleased too that the theme of LGBT History Month this year and next is sport. The bravery of Gareth Thomas in coming out proves that attitudes are changing. With London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, as well as World Pride, I look forward to working alongside you to raise these important issues and to continue on the journey towards justice.