US oral history project reveals pre-Stonewall rights group

LGBT history in the USA didn’t just happen in New York and San francisco. We’ve come across an article in the Kansas magazine “camp”, telling the story of ‘Paul’ who back in 1968, started a successful LGBT group at Kansas State University, a whole year before the Stonewall riots in New York established that city’s first safe space for its LGBT community!

Billie Jean King "Wasn't Comfortable" until She Was 51

In a candid interview Billie Jean King says she wasn’t comfortable with her sexual orientation until she was 51. “My poor parents were homophobic. I was homophobic” she stated in an interview with Phillip Zonkel. King also explains that she felt she couldn’t have come out in the 1970s because it would have damaged the […]

Collins Receives Loads of Support

After becoming the first professional Basketball player in the top four leagues to come out while playing, Jason Collins has been inundated with support from his sporting colleagues. Collins, 34, was hailed as a pioneer by Martina Navratilova. One of basketball’s biggest superstars, Kobe Bryant, took to Twitter to express his support. ‘Proud of you,’ Bryant wrote. Recently […]

Milton Keynes "Straight Speaking" Group Launched

Not quite comfortable with a friend, family member or loved one coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexuality or gender identity? Know someone that may need to talk about how they feel about this issue? “Straight Speaking” is a free event for people having problems coming to terms with a relative […]