US oral history project reveals pre-Stonewall rights group

‘OUTSpoken KC Love and Marriage’ Will Voice Kansas Local LGBT Heritage
LGBT history in the USA didn’t just happen in New York and San francisco.
We’ve come across an article in the Kansas magazine “camp”, telling the story of ‘Paul’ who back in 1968, started a successful LGBT group at Kansas State University, a whole year before the Stonewall riots in New York established that city’s first safe space for its LGBT community!
It seems the group was established almost by accident when Paul’s number ended up on a flier and he realised that ‘he wasn’t the only one’. This led Paul to apply for funding from the hostile University governing board, which he got: in the midst of a prairie thunderstorm he reminded the good god-fearing folks seated before him “God is watching us. And if you fuck this up, He’s gonna getcha.”
Paul has recently recorded his story as part of Gay & Lesbian Archives of Mid-America’s (GLAMA) oral history project.
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