'Equal Love' Campaign Falls at European Hurdle

The Equal Love campaign is today formally closing its 2011 application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), which sought to secure full equality in UK civil marriage and civil partnership law. This follows the decision of the European Court that the application was “inadmissible” and subsequent fruitless attempts by campaigners to challenge this […]

Trans Community Let Down in Same Sex marriage Vote

Trans campaigners feel let down by Government and LGB campaigners alike over the Same Sex Marriage Bill debate. Although the House of Commons passed the Bill on Tuesday it failed to accept the principle of compensating the victims of stolen marriages – where couples were forced to divorce if either husband or wife wanted their […]

Archbishop: Opposing Same Sex marriage 'not discrimination'

Peter Tatchell returned from his historic meeting with the new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on April 18th 2013 with a mixed message. He told a press gathering that the Archbishop accepted opposite sex civil partnerships. However, according to Tatchell,  he can’t allow same sex couples to marry because there is an “intrinsic difference in […]

Singer Horse 'Weds' in Her Native Scotland

Sheena McDonald, the Scottish singer better known by her stage name Horse, returned to her native Lanark in Scotland to enter into a civil partnership with her partner Alanna. Sheena, 54, left the town when she was young to escape the homophobic abuse she underwent. Attacked verbally and with violence by her own peers, she realised she […]

Tatchell: Cameron Right on Religious Marriage but Wrong on Straight Civil Partnership

Pater Tatchell partially defended David Cameron’s stance on same sex marriage today. “David Cameron’s support for the right of religious organisations to conduct same-sex marriages is a welcome affirmation of religious freedom and gay equality,” said Tatchell, Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation. “The Quakers, Unitarians and Liberal Jews want to conduct […]