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Jonathan Cutbill’s LGBT+ Historical Library Collection moving day – BBC Radio Shropshire

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Jonathan Cutbill, a founder of Gay’s The Word bookshop in London’s Bloomsbury, died last May aged 82.

His collection, which has over 33,000 items, dates back to 1760, and will be moved from his Shrewsbury home to the University of London. The collection,is catalogued and cross-referenced, consists of books, newspapers, pamphlets, artworks, correspondence and other ephemera is, according to Justin Bengry, Senior Tutor, Goldsmiths University MA, probably the largest one worldwide in a private house.

It is an enormously important resource for people who wish to study LGBTQ history across the centuries. 

Maria Castrillo, head of special collections and engagement at London University’s Senate House Library, says the collection will help fill “fundamental gaps” in LGBT history.

She added the library “recognises the unique qualities of the collection and would like to develop it” and hoped it would be a catalyst for research and community engagement.

The Library was uplifted from Jonathan’s home in Shrewsbury today (10th February) and the link below is an interview with Maria Castrillo and two long-term friends, Peter Roscoe and Geoff Hardy, who are lifelong LGBTQ activists and members of Shrewsbury LGBT History.

The interviews start at 1 hour 46 minutes into the programme.

Click on the picture to listen.

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