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October 2013

History Resource – The Women of Greenham Common

The Women of Greenham Common
Duration: 10 minutes
First broadcast:Monday 05 September 2011
At the height of the Cold War, an announcement was made that the UK would host American nuclear missiles. One of the anti-war marches that followed ended at the airbase at Greenham Common in Berkshire and a permanent camp of nuclear protestors was established. The Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp endured for nearly 20 years. Helen John, who took part in the march and founded the camp in September 1981, speaks to Witness.

Music Resource – Marlene Dietrich

The Death of Marlene Dietrich – Duration: 10 minutesFirst broadcast: Thursday 16 May 2013It is 21 years since the funeral of screen star Marlene Dietrich, who died in Paris at the age of 90. Her grandson Peter Riva remembers the woman behind the legend.

LGBT groups hoping for a roving Pride House in Sochi

LGBT groups hoping for a roving Pride House in Sochi – After a Russian court rejected efforts to set up a Pride House in Sochi, a building dedicated to supporting gay athletes, a coalition of LGBT sports groups is campaigning national organizing committees to host Pride House events at their hospitality houses. This would create a roving Pride House of sorts for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Gay Activist and Journalist Doug Ireland Dies at 67

Gay activist and journalist Doug Ireland dies at 67. On the same day the LGBT community in Britain mourns the passing of one activist, news comes through of the death of another major figure in America. From fighting the Vietnam war as a young activist to reporting on the executions of gay Iranians, Doug Ireland was a veteran advocate and champion for LGBTI people

BBC Blog: What do lesbian, gay and bisexual audiences really watch on TV?

BBC Blog: What do lesbian, gay and bisexual audiences really watch on TV? Diversity is moving up the agenda in broadcasting. Three years ago, the BBC undertook a big project looking at how lesbians, gays and bisexuals are portrayed on TV and radio. And the results are in. BBC Pride Chair, Adrian Ruth, considers statistics revealing what LGB (Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual) audiences are watching on television.

Was Lou Reed the First Out Rock Star?

Was Lou Reed the first Out rock star?
Soon after Lou Reed’s death at age 71 on Sunday, Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend tweeted that the legendary rock star was “maybe the first out songwriter,” an allusion to his purported bisexuality. During his lifetime, Reed was famous for his sybaritic pursuits and unorthodox lifestyle. But was he bisexual?

Sharley MacLean 1923 – 2013

Sharley MacLean, veteran lesbian activist and member of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality has died peacefully at the age of 90.
Peter Pressland of CHE and Peter Tatchell pay tribute to a campaigning legend